GEOROID TECHNOLOGIES provides the most comprehensive portfolio of high-performance Enterprise-grade IoT devices, Connectivity Services and Cloud Based Applications that transform business through the power of IoT.
We reduce the complexity of connecting ‘Things to the Internet’ with a comprehensive platform for collecting, managing and analyzing critical device data with Remote Monitoring and Control System helping businesses harness real-time intelligence from smart devices for increasing competitive edge and operational efficiency.

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We design professional looking yet simple websites. Our designs are search engine and user friendly.


Capture real-time data from assets, 24x7. Work with precision by gaining visibility into granular level operations of business. Our Technology enables seamless data acquisition, processing and analytics.


Get real - time data, right from asset performance to functioning.Turn data into actionable insights. Reports and timely insights help creating deeper understanding of asset utilization and operational costs involved

Whether you are a Product Manufacturer, a Service Provider, a Facilities Provider, a Utility company, a Municipality or Government entity, adding intelligence to your products and equipments and efficiently connecting them will result in productivity and efficiency gains, better control of your assets and will give you the ability to create better customer experiences.
At GEOROID we provide your industry with the service platform and tools to create, deploy and manage end to end solutions to meet your goals in time, within budget and with the confidence that you can continue to innovate and transform your operations.

Monitor the Health and Performance
of Connected Machines

Condition monitoring involves measuring variations in indicators such as vibration, temperature, current, flow levels, pressure, etc. This type of Industrial IoT-enabled monitoring helps provide insight into the performance, health, and status of connected devices to help improve resource utilization and prevent unplanned downtime.

Monitor the Health and Performance
of Connected Machines

Tackle your Biggest Business Challenges with GEOROID'S integrated IoT solutions
GEOROID helps you harness the power of the Internet of Things to optimize efficiency, improve productivity, and cut costs across your organization.We capture streaming data that can optimize production and avoid equipment failures or product defects. With a wide range of industry applications,our integrated IoT solutions enable you to make more informed business decisions to achieve new levels of operation.

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We believe in the opportunity of the Industrial Internet of Things. We believe that, one day, everything will be connected. And when those connections happen, problems will start to disappear. Shelves will be stocked, machines will fix themselves. The world will quietly get better.So, here we are. We make it easy for our customers to deploy IoT products that solve real problems and create real value.

People often ask us: are you a hardware company or a software company?

Well Building an IoT product is complex, and that complexity cuts across the tech stack. You can't build an IoT product without dealing with both hardware and software, so we can't build an IoT platform without doing the same.We formed the building blocks of GEOROID Technologies in the year 2012, with a group of technology experts.Since then, we've added experts with decades of industry experience to create a true powerhouse of industry knowledge.Together we have created a complete sensing solution that is unmatched in size, capability and price.With Georoid Technologies, businesses can truly realize the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things.